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Indian horse racing is complex. The quality of horse racing in india was very poor but recently we are seeing very positive improvements in standards. The standards are looking to improve immensely in the coming times. The training facilities, the stud farms, training methods, quality of Jockies, the quality of stallions everything is improving. I would like to contribute from my side into those exciting times ahead. So, for the exciting times ahead...

Friday, August 26, 2011

PUNE Saturday, August 27 , 2011

A 8 race card for the day. Some short guidelines.

Race 1. Grant Park, Star Burst Upset : Svelte Lady

Race 2. Lakhadema, Dictator Upset : Lago Medio

Race 3. Lake Winnipeg(Win), Ocean Admiral Upset : Halo Of Fame

Race 4. Star Warrior(E/W), Ciel Indienne Upset : White Knight

Race 5. Gloria(E/W), Marine Zone, Walking Tall Upset : Steely Dan

Race 6. Maddox, Swift Memories Upset : Saratoga Spring

Race 7. Salt(E/W), Mountain Wind, Special Fx Upset : Hennessy

Race 8. Circus Ring, Ocean Touch, Cavalryman Upset : Kalinga Star

BBFD :  Salt
RBFD :  Star Warrior

All the best...

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