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Indian horse racing is complex. The quality of horse racing in india was very poor but recently we are seeing very positive improvements in standards. The standards are looking to improve immensely in the coming times. The training facilities, the stud farms, training methods, quality of Jockies, the quality of stallions everything is improving. I would like to contribute from my side into those exciting times ahead. So, for the exciting times ahead...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mysore Races, January 5th,2011.

The races looks competitive. Here are my views for the day:-

Race 1.Azazel, Zooming, Non stop Cannon Upset: Different Opinion.
The main contenders for the race are Non Stop Cannon,Azazel, Zooming and Different Opinion. Non Stop Cannon have not done anything to merit a bet, only positive is the relative jockey merit.Different Opinion is the best horse in the field, the sprint will suit it, if jockey handles it properly will win.Worth an E/W.Azazel is a horse in form, and distance will suit it perfectly.Zooming is a speedy animal, only concern is the age, at nice handicap, will run well.

Race 2.Nano Blue,Fast Colors,Looking to luck Upset :Major Impression
Looking To Luck, Bocconcino, Nano Blue,Fast Colours and Major Impression, are the main contenders.
I like Major Impression because of its handicap, and relative jockey merit. Worth an E/W punt.

Race 3.Sun Device,Unique Star,Aaj Tak Upset: Gracian

Race 4. Native Strategy, Mucho,Collateral Upset: Ahira

Race 5. Arabian Speed,Eona(E/W),Precept Upset: Social Climber.

Race 6. Mister Trooper, Maratha Conqueror, .Secret Fury Upset :Rich Rogue 

Race 7. The Force, Always For You, War Head  Upset : Bucethalis

Race 8. Wild Temper,Panchakshari, Mr Magic Upset :Cannon Scot  

All the best and have a nice day.


  1. Dear Sir.
    Would like to know the meaning of the RED and BLUE colour selection like day best, win or place only) Tq

  2. Hi Tq,
    The BLUE indicates one which i like with less risk involved, and RED with high risk involved.