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Indian horse racing is complex. The quality of horse racing in india was very poor but recently we are seeing very positive improvements in standards. The standards are looking to improve immensely in the coming times. The training facilities, the stud farms, training methods, quality of Jockies, the quality of stallions everything is improving. I would like to contribute from my side into those exciting times ahead. So, for the exciting times ahead...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bangalore 31st December,2010--Last race day of the year 2010

A small card for the day. It augurs well for everyone, as you can party hard at the end of the day and welcome the new year 2011.

Well here are my opinions for today's races:-
1.Race Sunny Superbe(Upset note), Indravati, Burning Ambitions.
 Sunny Superbe is very well bred horse. The horse is improving very rapidly, might beat the set hands down. The step up of  distance will suit it fine. Indravati and Burning Ambitions are the other contenders for the race. Angel queen can place if one of them fails to place.

2.Race Gazaki, Athabasca Star, Spark of knight.
Gazaki should win, based on its last run and jockey astride merit. Athabasca Star, running after 6 months, is a worry. Mock race was good, should give a good account of itself. Spark of Knight, looks like will not be tried but the horse looks to have improved a lot , can surprise, E/W chance at long odds.

3.Race Silken Touch, Hill Stone, Ben Ten.
Race for 2 year old are always interesting.
Ben Ten is well prepared, tracking well will run well. Hillstone is also tracking well, is well bred horse, and has also a top class jockey astride.Field Marshall well bred, but looks under prepared. Bavaria is also tracking well. Silken Touch is well bred and well prepared as well, should be the one to beat.

4.Race Sunspirit, Sweet Carolina  Upset : Abnoba
The race should be restricted to Lads Gladiator, Sunspirit, Sweet Carolina and  Abnoba. Lads Gladiator looks out handicapped. Sunspirit prepared well has best jockey astride.Abnoba has run well in all its run till date. 1st run of the season is the only concern.If fit enough can blow the field away. Sweet Carolina's last run was extremely good, has really come up, will keep everyone honest, will surely place.

5.Race Youre Stunning, Blue Origin, Sabari.
Bad race.Youre Stunning looks the best horse in this set. Blue origin looks well prepared can surprise all, worth an E/W bet. Sabari and Man down under can fight for minor placings.

6.Race Sunstone, Delacroix,Yamas. Upset: Sun Dawn(note)
Sunstone last run was not up to the mark.Prepared well .Today has got the right jockey will give fight to all. Delacroix late bloomer, is coming up very fast, will give a stiff competition if Srinath rides half as good as Hughes.Yamas is a front runner , will do all the running and can hold on as well till the post.Sun Dawn, last 2 runs are actually very good. Jockey is the only concern, surely worth an E/W punt can upset note.

All the best for the day, have a superlative end to 2010. 

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