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Indian horse racing is complex. The quality of horse racing in india was very poor but recently we are seeing very positive improvements in standards. The standards are looking to improve immensely in the coming times. The training facilities, the stud farms, training methods, quality of Jockies, the quality of stallions everything is improving. I would like to contribute from my side into those exciting times ahead. So, for the exciting times ahead...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

MUMBAI Thursday, December 1 , 2011

A 9 race card for the day. The card looks very dull. Here are the selections.

Race 1.  Swift MemoriesRose Heaven Upset : Carpe Diem

Race 2.  Laurus Tikati, Tysea Upset : Daughterofdestiny 

Race 3. Lady Genereuse, Glowing Mist, Daredevil Upset : Machala

Race 4. Dear Henry

Race 5. Class Apart Upset : Oriental Charm

Race 6. Springbank, Besame Mucho,  Blitzing Upset : Aflame

Race 7. Lazor Razor(E/W)Augustus, Free For All Upset : Prince Arius

Race 8. Coccinella(Win)Festival Night, Oluchi Upset : Scaramouche

Race 9. Blue Night, Marine Zone, Celtic Manor Upset : Generalissimo

BBFD : Coccinella
RBFD : Class Apart

All the best...


  1. dont give colored tips blue red etc. Give us winners.

    avi redddy gave 7 winners yesterday.7 tanala , 7 forecast , 7 quinala , jackpot , treble all passed

  2. It was dubious @ particular site. Saleations was not published untill last race. Even you can post the results as tips. Mr.alex is doing his best, please dont under estimate him.It was dubious @ particular site. Selections was not published untill last race. Even you can post the results as tips. Mr.alex is doing his best, please dont under estimate him.

  3. don't get disappoint with the comments passed by our fellow punters or by other bloggers you always perform well and you gave your best thats why we all want you to post regularly without your selection i dont want to go for racing i give that much importance to your selection along with the explanation provide by you so pls post regularly

  4. sir why u r not posting atleast post for mumbai horse race i play only sunday races today i had nt lpayed confidently coz of not proper tips and faced a big loss so i request u to post atleast for mumbai races..thankyou

  5. sir why you stop posting your selections this is due to your work or somebody threatening you first of all we want to know the reason behind this if this is due to your work or some illness means its ok else it has to be consider seriously because before to you there were some bloggers namely deccanselections,winningways ruchisratings etc.. all were no more we dont know the reason of their dis appearance the same should not be happened to you also so atleast post for this mumbai centre alone if the time doesn't permits you for the other centre please without you its unimaginable to step in to the racecourse as a punter

  6. congrats..i heard u got married AND OFF FOR UR VACCATION..WILL LOVE TO SEE U SOON...GOD BLESS

  7. Wishing you a happy new year Alex sir ,

    in the first place, why did you stop posting .

    Today you have posted the tanzanite win tip

    around 12.30 pm. it was a bit late sir .

    I always play all your tips , once you tipped

    emphatic victory for win and i played got 2490/-

    for rs 50/ @ hydbad.

    i wish sir if you post them a bit early it will

    help people like me .

    Hatts off alex sir , no blogger has tipped

    tanzanite today and you did it.

    you are a genious , my best wishes to you for

    new year 2012.