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Indian horse racing is complex. The quality of horse racing in india was very poor but recently we are seeing very positive improvements in standards. The standards are looking to improve immensely in the coming times. The training facilities, the stud farms, training methods, quality of Jockies, the quality of stallions everything is improving. I would like to contribute from my side into those exciting times ahead. So, for the exciting times ahead...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Indian Derby Week---MUMBAI Saturday, February 5 , 2011

The Derby weekend starts off with very competitive card for the day. Looking for value bets should be the order of the day. A card of 10 races scheduled, so its better to be slow but steady for sure as the good races comes up near the fag end of the day.

Race 1. Siooux Chief, Double Delite, Fluent Victory Upset : Distinguished.
The typical class V race where an upset is likely. The contenders are Fluent Victory, Distinguished,Siooux Chief , and Double Delite. Fluent Victory needs to come out of the gates properly, has come to form, can win.  Distinguished is a far better horse, not sure whether it will be tried today, will win if tried. Siooux Chief  is going proper distance today, handicap is nice, Jockey is the only concern will place, can win if Jockey shows some courage. Double Delite is another horse running proper distance, will place, can win if ridden in check. Rave On is  a speedy horse, suited to 5f, can place.

Race 2. Blau Himmel, Marudhara Ratan, Midnight Club Upset : Devil In Disguise
Another class V sprint race. The main competitors are Marudhara Ratan, Dancing Money, Devil In Disguise, Midnight Club and Blau Himmel. Blau Himmel has been prepared well, is tracking well, if the Jockey shows his skills can win easy. Midnight Club has been rested for sometime, is a speedy animal, can fight if tried.
Devil In Disguise has been given easy run last time out, is not in the same class, can run away but might need more distance. Dancing Money can place because of its handicap. Marudhara Ratan has disappointed twice, can fight for honours at this handicap.

Race 3. Cape Ferrat, Bullet(E/W), Bluemarine Upset : Our Fortune.
The THE UNITED SPIRITS CHALLENGE for 1000m sprint race.  Our Fortune had problems in pune, had been rested nicely for almost 4 months, is tracking well is a far better horse, the Jockey choice is surprising, can hope to place. Bullet looks best on handicap and draw, will be tough to toss today. Cape Ferrat won earlier, Jockey merit can make it win.Ocean Wish  and Blumarine can only place.

Race 4. Tryst With Destiny, Rajdoot, Ocean Warrior Upset : Kalinga Star
Another class V race having 17 horses in the fray. A really bad race where any thing can really happen.

Race 5. Bold Dancer(E/W), Malischka, High Society Upset : Harlamoff.
The main competitors are Bold Dancer, High Society, Harlamoff, Malischka, and Gamba.

Race 6. Tender Romance(Win), Titian, Sea Showe Upset : Great White.
THE WHITE MISCHIEF CHALLENGE is having 9 horses. The race is at the mercy of Tender Romance. Frost Fairy will place for sure. Titian at this handicap, with this Jockey will spell danger to all. Great White and Sea Shower can fight for minor placings.

Race 7. Attila(Win), Ares, Highland Music Upset : Amore Mio.
THE ANTIQUITY RARE `FUSION OF THE FINEST` CUP having 13 horses fighting.Attila and Ares are the main contenders here. Ares should have won last day, but "Gifted" the race, will go all out today. Attila, with Prakash to guide is the one to beat. Highland Music at this wt. will be a danger to all. Amore Mio also has chance in this handicap.

Race 8. Miss Starlight , Silk Cut , Elena Upset : Zeki.
THE WHYTE AND MACKAY CHALLENGE is a 3 year old maiden race with 15 horses running.
Silk Cut had an educative run 1st up, is bred for speed, draw is the only problem, but still has a chance.Elena  is tracking well, had nice Gate practices, will run well.Miss Starlight had run close to frame on all occasions, the draw will help it in its start to finish attempt will give fight to all.Zeki is tracking well, the wide draw will suit its style of running, will place , can upset note.

Race 9. Nearness Of You(E/W)   Upset : Crown Rule.
THE KUNIGAL STUD BREEDERS` PRODUCE STAKES (GR.1) : The main race of the day having only 6 horses.
Crown Rule : The only race it ran, it won with lot to spare, the step up of distance will help it further to show its potential, has a good chance today.
Our Chieftain : It has run well till date, with BLK might help it concentrate and give a fight to all.
Picasso : Last win was impressive, improved after that run, jockey merit will take further. Will fight.
Snow Blaze : Likes to go start to finish, but wont be easy here.
Maddox : Not impressed by it at all, though carries a lot of hype.The BLK and weight advantage might help, but i believe it wont even place.
Nearness Of You : The run in bangalore was awesome, will cherish the mumbai straight for sure, at this weight will be danger to all.

Race 10. Catalyst, Scarface, Royal Companion Upset : Prince Lochinva
A bad race. A lot of people would like to pull off a coup.

All the best.

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