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Indian horse racing is complex. The quality of horse racing in india was very poor but recently we are seeing very positive improvements in standards. The standards are looking to improve immensely in the coming times. The training facilities, the stud farms, training methods, quality of Jockies, the quality of stallions everything is improving. I would like to contribute from my side into those exciting times ahead. So, for the exciting times ahead...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

THE VIF BANGALORE DERBY Day Wednesday, January 26 , 2011

First of all a Happy Republic Day to all of you. The Derby is finally here. A very competitive 9 race card for the day. A few upsets are expected as is order in the main Race days. Here are my view:-

Race 1. Shoot out(Win), Ben Ten, Hillsboro Upset : Simply Best
A 3 year old maiden race. A field of quality 3 year old.
Ben Ten has come up a lot after last run, tracking well, with Sylvester to guide will be tough to beat. Arabian Gold is impeccably bred, tracking well, will be ridden by M.A.Gallagher, who had a winner in last race, watch out.Own Empire had an easy run last time out, had improved a lot after last run, Jockey is a concern.Hillsboro had run well 1st time up, is tracking well, with  R.Hughes to guide its fortune, can place. Shoot Out ran well last time, tracking extremely well, will surely run well. Simply Best is tracking well, out of midtown, watch out for it.

Race 2. Mr Ambassador(E/W), Super Spectacle, Savvy Concept  Upset : Kripa.
The race should be between Super Spectacle, Savvy Concept, Kripa, and Mr Ambassador.
Mr Ambassador carrying lot of weight, but is above class horse, will fight for sure. Savvy Concept is a far better horse than what it has performed till date, can win today. Super Spectacle has a nice handicap today, with Suraj to guide will be there. For any upset don't look beyond Kripa.
Youre Kiss's Due intent is lacking, can only place.

Race 3. The Last Samurai Upset : Lush Lashes
The Republic trophy having only 5 horses running. Race is between The Last Samurai and Lush Lashes.

Race 4. Elusive Speed(E/W),Sky Glider, Gold Tern Upset : Star Of Desire
The race is  between Gold Tern, Elusive Speed and Sky Glider. Elusive Speed won well last time, is tracking very well can win, will place for sure. Sky Glider is tracking well with R.Hughes to guide will be right there. Gold tern has got a nice handicap today, will place. Star Of Desire can up considered for an upset.

Race 5. Redshift(Win), Saddle Queen, Cash Is King Upset : Brunetta.
A dicey race, should look for value bets as an upset is likely. The main contenders for this race are Saddle Queen, Redshift, Cash Is King and Brunetta.

Race 6.  Aboline(E/W), Spearhead Upset : Couleur Rouge
A mile race with some pretty classy horses.
Aboline is running his pet distance, tracking extremely well, can win. Spearhead is prepared well, with C.D.Hayes to guide it will be right there.Criminal Lawyer is being ridden by R.Hughes, which gives it the best chance to win here, wont be easy though. Couleur Rouge at this handicap does spell danger to all.

Race 7. Sun Kingdom , Kilimanjaro , Braavo Upset : Astounding Gallop(E/W)
THE VIF BANGALORE DERBY (GR.1): A 15 horse race, good to see so many horses running in this type of race, will add an unpredictability factor and also give good dividends.
Astounding Gallop : Ran very well in Hyderabad beating star warrior, says a lot about its improvement, if it stays the distance will be a major threat.Don't underestimate its chances today.
Fist Of Rage : Will Stay, but not in the same class of horses, to win such a race.
Braavo : The horse is speedy, will stay the distance, winning will be tough but can place due to Sylvester's superior riding skills.
Unleashed : A far improved horse, will run well, can surprise if ridden in check.
Airplay : Last run was highly disappointing, don't think has a chance today.
Sunnys Secret : No chance here. Will Stay but not in same class, can only place.
Sun Kingdom : The favourite, the one who will stay and is a class act for sure. With R.Hughes to guide will be the one to beat.
Deep Blue Sky : Cannot win here, can only hope to place.
Rezoom : Can only wish to place, which would be tough.
Kilimanjaro : Has got tremendous turn of feet, will stay for sure. Lets hope it extends the favourite to its max.
Spark Of Atan : Will not stay the distance.
Dante Rossetti: Not here. Will be a major upset if it is in 1 or 2.
Mark Of Genius : Not here
String Along : The Jack in the pack, Jockey is a concern, otherwise would have been an E/W bet.
Spark Of Desire: Will Stay, but no chance here.

Race 8.  Athabasca Star , Dance N Celebrate, Sunset Grill Upset : Segomo
The race should be between Dance N Celebrate, Sunset Grill and  Athabasca Star.

Race 9. Free Styler(win), Mi Amor, Sunday Cruz  Upset : Free Law.
A 3 year old maidens 51/2 furlong race. Free Law is tracking well, will run well. Sunday Cruz is tracking well, drawn badly, with Sylvester to guide can place.Ability looks prepared, can run well.Mi Amor is also prepared well. Free Styler last run was good, can win here.

All the best......................

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